hurricane irma

Hurricane Irma

hurricane irmaHurricane Irma

Safety tips for your home


If you stay in Miami during hurricane Irma, be prepared and safe!

The CMP Team cares about our clients. We are committed to helping you in stressful times as much as we can.

During Irma we expect high winds and flooding. To protect your property don’t forget to install shutters, as well sand bags to protect from water damage. In the case of a hit, go to a bathroom without windows and stay there until it’s gone.
You want to have your house clean, also do a big laundry – you will probably be without power for some days. Have candles in specific parts of the house, lighters and leave computers and phones fully charged. After hurricane use them as little as possible.

According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, high winds, that can enter through an open window or create pressure on the roof are expected from Hurricane Irma. Closing interior doors helps decrease pressure inside the home and gives the roof a better chance of staying intact.

Check the National Hurricane Center to see the hurricane path, in the case you need to evacuate.

If you are staying home, have food and water (1 gallon per person per day) for 3 days. Batteries, wet wipes, battery radio and flash lights are extra precautions. Fill your bathtub (for washing and flushing toilet), a have a couple of ice bags in the freezer and a cooler to keep your food.

Don’t forget to protect your pets!
If you must evacuate, take your animals with you or find a safe place for them.
Four hurricane shelters are open in Miami-Dade with one that accepts dogs, cats, and any pets in a cage.
hotels should waive their no-pet policies for animals.